Welcome to the great treasure hunt

Question One of Twelve

3 mins

Hey you made it. Fantastic.

This is your first postcard. I actually wrote this stuff ages ago so I won't know where I have sent it from. For me its the end of the first week on trail. I have managed to find a town and a post office and have written you this postcard. 

While I am here I thought each week I'd give you an interesting fact to share with your girl friends... and as I am a space geek this week is about the solar system:

The Sun is huge. It makes up 98 percent of the matter in the solar system. Because of its weight, it has the most gravity. It pulls everything in the solar system toward it. At the same time, the planets pull against that force. Because of this push-pull effect, we don’t get too close to the sun or too far away. Instead, we orbit around the Sun at a predictable pace and location.

Now a quote from an extraordinary person. Quotes are important. These people seemed to sum up the complexities and contradictions of being human, in a way that satisfies and enlightens us

“Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into small jobs.” – Henry Ford

Here are the instructions for completing the treasure hunt. Remember the last reward (the twelve clue) is the treasure itself. 

1) Look at the picture. Figure out where that is. Its in Bampton somewhere. Go to where that picture was taken. That's where you should start looking for the answer. 
2) The clues are in plain sight and not hidden.
3) The answer should be typed into the box, click the submit button to find out if you have the right answer.
4) Make sure your answer is lowercase. Ask mummy what that is if you don't know.
5) All answers must be just one word or one number, not both, with no spaces.

When you have correctly typed in the answer, the location to the reward will be shown. Your reward will consist of a prize and a piece of puzzle. There are twelve pieces of puzzle to collect. Each piece will have printed on it a rough map of the location of the loot. When you have all twelve pieces and assembled them in the correct order, it will show you the position to search. Expect to get your hands mucky/spidery/sluggy.

Right ready for your first clue...


Question 1 of 12:

A departed lapwing with his bride...

in pride of place all snug inside.

Twenty-eight past without a fear...

to find the sum, tot the years

Nice adding skills.

Your loot is behind the picture in the front room.

(get mummy to help you)

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