Nik Stanbridge

I'm not a writer or a raconteur, but I do write for a living. I define myself as a creative but not as a creative writer. OK, that's a lot of negatives. So who am I then?

I'm a photographer. A 'photographer ordinaire'. My images are here. You'll see that I 'do' the ordinary and the decaying (and the seemingly mundane). I capture what’s right there in front of us that we all walk past without really noticing. I look for what’s hidden in plain sight that's either transient, disappearing or so obvious we’ve all stopped seeing it.

Much of my work is about rendering the commonplace abstract - from muddy tyre tracks to architectural details, to utility workers’ paint on the road.


I'm a cosmologist - I'm interested in the origin and fate of the Universe. I'm not an astronomer but I do love looking at the stars - but only in wonderment of where I am in the Universe. I've actually studied cosmology. I've got qualifications and everything. I know enough to beat anyone one down the pub when the conversation turns to cosmology - which it sadly never does. Sigh.

I used to play the bass in pubs. You know, those open-mic things when anyone can turn up and have a go. I loved it. It was a way, as a shy person, of performing (to a largely indifferent audience). I did once spend an evening in St Ives (Cambs) playing all night to a raucous crowd who loved 'the band'. And I got a free pint. And I played in Cancun once.

I also marshalled the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2016.

That's it. That's all I am.