Darren Street

Darren Street is a software developer and Pink Floyd fan. Although a keen runner Darren, doesn't follow footie but prefers the complexity and tediousness of the sport of Formula One. He has a Cocker Spaniel called "Ripley" named after the warrant officer on the Nostromo.

Darren is also one of the founding fathers of BFC (Bampton Film Club) which was inaugurated in 2014 with Nik Stanbridge, which incidentally meets once a week (to the eternal annoyance of Mrs Street).

Darren designed and configured this very site as a means to get back at Facebook, and present to the world a series of shocking and powerful essays on the meaning of being human on the third planet. However it's still early days.

As an ex-grinch, Darren has decided to soak up the best that Christmas can offer, and screw the commercialism of crimbo with its John Lewis ads, Strictly Xmas Show and err err ...god.