Manually Removing uCronos

2 mins

The proper way to remove uCronos is to use the [Uninstall package] button located in the [Developer] - [Package] section of Umbraco. 

This will properly remove uCronos from your website and restore any configuration files. However, when things go wrong you may not be able to access the Umbraco back-end site to effect an uninstall. If this has occurred follow these instructions to restore your Umbraco instance.

You will need access to the Umbraco website and preferably a web editor such as Microsoft Visual Studio, although you could just use a text editor.

Removing uCronos manually

  1. Remove the following DLLs from the /bin folder
    • Hangfire.Core.dll
    • Hangfire.SqlServer.dll
    • CsvHelper.dll
    • Postal.dll
    • RazorEngine.dll (don't get confused with System.Web.Razor.dll)
    • uCronos.dll
  2. Restore your web.config. Within the appSettings section there will be two settings you need to change. When uCronos was installed we took a backup of the current values of these keys. The name of the backup files are "uCronosBackup_keyname", set the backup value to the following keys​
    • owin:appStartup 
    • umbracoReservedPaths
  3. Unless you have changed the default location remove the view files and directory from /View/Email. There will be three files:
    • uCronos.cshtml  
    • uCronos.Html.cshtml
    • uCronos.Text.cshtml
  4. Within App_Plugins folder remove the uCronos directory completely

Rebuild your project and refresh your website. Additionally:

  • Reverse instructions under Getting Started to remove the section uCronos from any Group User accounts.

Last updated on: 16 Feb 2018 04:27 PM