Getting started


5 mins

For the purposes of this wiki I am going to assume that you have a brand-new Umbraco instance with just the standard starter kit installed. This version of Umbraco is v7.8.1, but you may very well have a later version.

The easiest way to install uCronos is via the Umbraco Developer section on your site.

Click [Developer] - [Packages] and type uCronos in the search box. uCronos should appear.

Read the notes and click the [Install package] button. You should review the terms of use and click the [Install package] if you agree to them. 

uCronos will download & install into your instance of Umbraco. It may take a minute or so depending on your internet bandwidth.  

You now need to assign the uCronos section to the Umbraco groups, so that the uCronos tab is visible. 

Click [Users] and then the [Groups] button (top right). Select the group which you would like to assign the uCronos section. For many of you we only really want to assign users of the Administrators group to use uCronos. To do that, click the Administrators group and within the Sections box click the [Add] button.

Click uCronos to add this section for Administrator group users, and click [Submit].

Click [Save] and "refresh" your page. The uCronos section should appear in the left taskbar.

The uCronos tree & Hangfire Dashboard will be shown. Well done. uCronos is installed.

Configure Email settings

If you want to use the mail actions you will need to configure the mail settings.

In the uCronos tree click [Actions] - [Email] and then select the Server Configuration tab. These properties define defaults for the uCronos actions. 

  • Email Attachment Path - this is the area on disk that uCronos uses to build email attachments. Jobs based on emailing actions will not complete without this property completed. Ensure that the directory you assign actually exists on disk. The suggested value is "C:\temp\".
  • Email View Path - this is the default location for "view" files associated with your emails. Jobs based on emailing actions will not complete without this property completed. The suggested value is "~/Views/Emails".
  • Failed Job Error Message - you can write a custom message if your jobs fail to run. 

Click [Save configuration]. 

Select the Mail Settings tab. These properties define the SMTP mail settings for using email with uCronos. 

  • Reply Address - this is the email address you would like to use as the reply address for your uCronos emails.
  • SMTP Host - this is the internet address to your mail server. 
  • SMTP User - if you server requires authentication, you will need to provide credentials along with the email message, else it will be rejected.
  • SMTP Password - use with SMTP User
  • SMTP Port - if you don't know the port number use 25. Ask your system admin for the port you are using.
  • Using SSL? - email SSL is very common. Tick this box if you are using it.

Click [Save configuration]. 

UCronos is now configured. You can start using it by creating a new Action. 

Creating and Action

Last updated on: 16 Feb 2018 03:22 PM