Creating an action

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Whilst the [Scheduled Jobs] define the date and time a job is to be fired, the [Action] associated with a job actually does the work.

An action is simply a thing you want to happen when the job timer reached zero. There are three actions currently available within uCronos. It is planned that more actions will become available.

Create a new action

To create a new action, expand the [Actions] section and select the type of action you want. Click the ellipsis and select [Create]. Follow the guidance in the page instructions.

Select [Email Action with data (CSV) attachment]. A new action page will appear and prompt you for the following information:

  • Action Name - this name is used within the uCronos tree. Try and give a meaningful name directly related to the action. For example "Subscriber Email" or "Latest New Members".
  • Action Description - summarise what the action will do and what processes are in play. If you have five similar actions, use the description field to inform users what the action is about.
  • Email Body - this is the text that will form the body of the email that will be sent to your email recipients. You can use any HTML tags including cut & paste from other web pages. If you are pasting text into the Email Body ensure that you avoid pasting images as these will be blocked. You can also right click the Email Body section and choose to [Paste as plain text] Ctrl-Shift-V
  • Email Recipients - type in the email addresses of those you wish to receive this email. Use multiple names separated by a comma.
  • Action SQL - type a SQL statement to generate the email attachment. Use standard SQL. It is expected that you use a professional SQL builder tool (such as LinqPad) to build and and paste your SQL code. You should ensure that your SQL is legal and works before inserting.

Click [Save]. The new action will be saved and shown in the uCronos tree under the Email section.

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