Creating a job

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Scheduled jobs are the events that occur at periods that you define. The job is the transport mechanism allowing Actions to run. For example, if you wanted to have an email sent out every month you could create an Action that creates the email object, and the Job which would ensure that the email is dispatched.

Create a new job

Note: A Job cannot run without a associated Action and vice versa. See Actions for more information on creating actions to be used in jobs.

  1. Click [Scheduled Jobs] – [New Jobs]. Click the ellipsis … and select Create
  2. Select the type of job you want to create

Select [Recurring Job]. A new job page will appear and prompt you for the following information:

  • Job Name - this name is used within the uCronos tree. Again try and give a meaningful name directly related to the type of job running. For example "Weekly Subscriber Run" or "Monthly New Members".
  • Job Description -  summarise what the job does.
  • Recurrence Interval - This is the time period that you define the job to run. 
  • Action - select the action you want to run when this job fires.

Click [Create job]. The new job will be saved and shown in the uCronos tree under the New Jobs section.

Setting a reasonable recurring timespan

Whilst you can set recurring jobs that recur on a minute and hour basis, these tasks would strongly affect the performance of your server and put considerable workload on your network infrastructure. Therefore, it is not recommended to create jobs with minute and hours recurring intervals.

Editing a job

You are able to change all of the job properties as long as the job hasn’t been started. To edit an existing job, select the job within the New Jobs section of uCronos. A summary of the job will appear. Selecting the Edit job button will allow you to edit the job.

When you have finished making changes click the [Save changes] button.

Last updated on: 16 Feb 2018 03:44 PM