Getting started


2 mins

Remember this package won't work without first installing uCronos v1.0.0. 

The easiest way to install uCronos is via the Umbraco Developer section on your site.

Click [Developer] - [Packages] and type uCronos in the search box. uCronos projects should appear. Select uCronos Method Action (for uCronos v1.0.0)

Read the notes and click the [Install package] button. You should review the terms of use and click the [Install package] if you agree to them. 

uCronos will download & install into your instance of Umbraco. It may take a minute or so depending on your internet bandwidth.  

That's it, you are done. However there is one tiny "bug-ette". Due to the caching employed by Umbraco the new Method page might not be called correctly. This is fixed by dumping the page cache. No need to dump all your history, just the pages for that site.

If you are using Google Chrome its even easier to dump the cache.

  1. Click F12 to enable developer tools.
  2. Click and HOLD the refresh button (top left)
  3. Select [Empty Cache and Hard Reload]
  4. Click F12 again to close developer tools.

Now try and select "Run Method" from the Create option and it should now load the page properly. 


Uninstalling the package

To uninstall the package click the "Uninstall package" link on the list of Installed packages. Uninstalling Ucronos Method Action will restore uCronos back to its original version.

Do not uninstall unCronos BEFORE uninstalling Ucronos Method Action. 

Last updated on: 23 Oct 2018 08:13 PM