uCronos Method Action v1.0.5

Additional "Action" for uCronos

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The uCronos Method Action project is an official add-on for the Umbraco uCronos package released in 2018.

The add-on installs a new "Action" option that allows users to fire custom assembly methods via the uCronos / Hangfire scheduling features. Once installed, a fourth action is available in the uCronos Action tree. This new action called "Run Method" follows the same process to create actions that are assigned to Scheduled Jobs. 


This package requires uCronos v1.0.0 to be installed and will NOT work without it.

The uCronos Method Action package installs three assemblies to your Umbraco instance but uses existing uCronos SQL tables. The assemblies are:

  • uCronos.Actions.Patch1 v1.0.5
  • uCronos.Actions v1.0.5
  • uCronos v1.0.5

WARNING: Only connect to known stable assembly releases. It is recommended that third-party assemblies are vetted and thoroughly tested prior to use with uCronos. Show caution when connecting to third-party assembles downloaded from the Internet. The effects from using malicious code could be catastrophic to your site. uCronos accepts NO RESPONSIBILIY for damage to your system by using this software. If you are unsure of the status of a third-party assembly DO NOT USE IT.

Only use (void) methods that do not return a value. if a Method does have a return values, it will be ignored. Your methods do not need to be static. You can either use the default class constructor or an overridden constructor using the Class Constructor Parameters input box. Ensure that your argument/parameters are in the correct sequence for the method. Use commas to separate the values. String parameters with whitespace will be treated as two different strings, so use underscores. DateTime values should be inserted using your current server culture settings. If you omit the time it will be zero'd.

This project is completely uninstallable and will restore the existing version of uCronos automatically.



Last updated on: 24 Oct 2018 12:56 PM

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