uCronos v1.0.0

Integrate Hangfire into the Umbraco backoffice

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I needed a specific job to occur on my Umbraco website at a predetermined time and date, so I went scouring the Umbraco projects to see if I could find anything suitable and easy to use. Well I guess I failed because I decided to create an Umbraco package that could do just that.

I’d been using the .Net Hangfire project on other websites to handle job scheduling and thought it would be a good fit with Umbraco too.

uCronos comprises of a couple of logical objects; Actions and Jobs.

Actions are created to actually do the work. In essence they are representations of existing actions or methods you already have, that needs to be packaged in a way Hangfire can handle.  For example, on our site we have an action that sends an email with an attached CSV file of all the latest new users to our website in the last week.

Actions could in theory be anything you like however, uCronos v1 currently only supports 3 action types. More actions will be released including an action that accepts a custom method already on your website.

Jobs are the mechanism that forms the wrapper for the Hangfire job. A job has properties that define the job type, and timing parameters that should be used with the job. Only recurring jobs remain active. We discuss job types later in this wiki.

Both actions and jobs are fed into the Hangfire scheduler which may be viewed through their Dashboard tool.


Umbraco 7.7.7 and up. The main issues are Microsoft Owin which needs to be at version 3.1.0 or better.

MS SQL Server Database version 2012 or better. uCronos does not support Microsoft SQL CE. If you install uCronos on an Umbraco site with a umbracoDbDSN pointing to a CE Database your system will crash and not be operable.  Don’t install it.

The uCronos Umbraco package installs six assemblies to your Umbraco instance and creates a number of new database tables in SQL. The assemblies are:

  • Core v1.6.17
  • SqlServer v1.6.17
  • RazorEngine v3.4.1
  • CsvHelper v6.1.0
  • Postal v1.2.0
  • uCronos v1.0.0

If you are already using Hangfire, don’t install uCronos as it will overwrite your existing version which might cause unintended consequences.

All the new db tables are either prefixed with uCronos or Hangfire, so should be easy to spot. 


Last updated on: 10 Mar 2018 09:32 AM

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