Supersonic review

Honest account of the rise of Oasis (but without the fall).

4 mins

Biopic charting the meteoric rise to stardom of those Gallagher boys from Manchester. You can’t help coming to this film with some baggage. Yes the boozing and swearing on telly, the rock lifestyle, the frivolent use of drugs and complete lack of responsibility to anyone including themselves.

you really need to love the Oasis music to enjoy this picture

But I do love the music. Especially “Morning Glory” which I know has been played far too much.  If I had to chose 10 albums to take to a desert Island “Morning Glory” would be one of them. I love all the tracks from that album, but acknowledge it was overplayed in the media at the time I think we suffered for it.  The band’s public personas ultimately worked against them, but I doubt it bothered them much

Oasis made some iconic British rock music in the 90's. This film charts the early days with the band,  recording their first album “Definitely Maybe”, culminating with their historic Knebworth Gigs in the August of 1996.

The story of the band’s two Gallagher’s brothers predominates, detailing their stormy relation with each other, their matriarchal mother Peggy, and News of the World loving absent Dad. The story is told using home movie footage and photos, together with early gig recordings over a narration from band members, road crew and management.

The overall effect is quite completing and brutally honest.

However, this isn’t the whole story of Oasis. The film finishes its story at the pinnacle of Oasis success, but pays no mention to their decline, the five further albums and ultimately their split in 2009. It also doesn’t mention the chart rivalry with Britpop peers Blur, which played out over the television and newspaper channels, or Noel’s pro Tony Blair’s politics. Perhaps this was considered not relevant to the band or the director.

I think in all honesty that you really need to love the Oasis music to enjoy this picture. The director Mat Whitecross paints the band (especially Liam & Noel) as hedonistic, self absorbed idiots blessed with just the right amount of talent and charisma.

There is no doubt Oasis can be considered one of the best British rock band of all time. They certainly had success. The band won 15 NME Awards, 6 Brit Awards and 9 Q Awards. The 2010 Brit Awards voted “Morning Glory” as the best album over the last 30 years. However, this account of Oasis is smaller and more personal. It could even be described as cathartic, Liam quoted as saying the making of the film was  “like therapy I never had”.

Whilst the picture has its failings, the power of the music never fail to enchant, and I found myself singing along in chorus to the hits. Its the music that matters...right?

6 / 10



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