Hiking the PCT - Campo to Warner Springs

What on earth...

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Its been exactly one week since I started my PCT hike. Just one week. In that time I have basically become a bum.

"its called "trail magic" and believe me it is MAGIC"

I stink most of the time. Everything I own has a thin layer of grime on it. When I do shower I don't get all the stink and grime of the first time. I have to multiple shower. Its 30 degree's outside. I have to carry five litres of water. I poop in the woods. Hell...what has happened to me. 


I have seen stuff you should see, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, wonderful landscapes and vistas. The people I have met have been nothing short of wonderful. Its such a camaraderie, we are all in the same boat. We all help each other out. Its a wonderful feeling.

And just when you are staggering nearly run out of water, on your 15 mile of the day, you will spot a tent in the middle of nowhere.  Its called "trail magic" and believe me it is MAGIC. The host will sit you down, give you an ice cold Coke, candy, snacks and water. They expect nothing for this... its incredible. Most trail angels as they are called are ex PCT hikers "paying it back" for previous kindnesses.

Believe me the trail can be brutal, one wrong move on the cliffs and its a long way down. You meet people and not see them again for a couple of days when they turn up. 

I am writing this article at Warner Spring at mile 108. I have been loaned this laptop. I have taken 24 hours to recuperate. This means showers and restaurant food and toilets. Its a kind of a reward for the efforts of the week. 

Next stop is Idyllwild which is 4.5 days hike from here. The water availability get a bit risky as my PCT water report is showing good stream flow for the first 5 miles then nothing for 15 miles. This means I'll camp "dry" is isn't ideal. Drinking from a stream, filtering or boiling doesn't actually come naturally to a Basingstoke boy.  Hey ho. 

The only bad thing about hiking the PCT...I miss my beautiful wife Cathy and daughter Elsa. Sometimes its an ache. I try to imagine what they are doing. Amazingly I am getting good cell service even in the mountains. I expect that to change when I hit the Sierras next month.

Anyway enough of this navel gazing...the trail beckons. See you out there

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PCT Warner Springs Scissors Crossing Lake Morena Campo