Apple brand loyalty, I don’t get it

Why are Apple customers so keen to like Apple, what’s in it for them?

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Is it only me who finds it odd that Apple users are so fervently pro Apple. Why is that? Why does an Apple user care if the latest piece of Apple kit is cool and sleek and attractive (even if they don’t own one)?

Is the shine starting to dull & the façade starting to flake and peel

Why do they pontificate that Apple computers NEVER break down, or get viruses or anything “uncool” like that.

Why is there a hubbub outside the nearest Apple store when new products are released? Why do loyal Apple users submissively queue for 6 hours in snow and ice for the store to open? Then, part with huge amounts of cash to own new Apple merchandise, whooping and laughing out of the store.

Why is it such an event?

I can’t see it happening when Mr Normal buys a Samsung phone. What is the big deal? Why won’t Apple lovers consider anything other than Apple?


Perhaps it’s the bit you can’t see or feel when you buy an Apple product. You know what I am talking about right…? Yes the bullshit factor. When you buy an Apple computer you are also buying into the Apple brand and lets face it everything Apple is cool right? Wrong.

Apple is not cool. Apple likes to screw its loyal following.

Apple makes everything more expensive than other comparably spec machines. Apple makes it difficult to use peripherals you already own, by doing away with on-board common ports, like network ports, headphone jacks and USB that are still common on Windows based machines. You have to buy a dongle to make it work. Brilliant. Apple likes to milk its loyal customers because it knows (deep down), that its customers will buy anything with an Apple label. Doesn’t it?

I really can’t think of another brand that inspires such a loyalty in its customers. Perhaps a premium car manufacturer, like Mercedes would inspire a loyal following? Nah!

OK, what about good old Mark and Sparks? Are you kidding, only lunch and Christmas frills for most people, and not the weekly shop I doubt.

Are people buying Apple products JUST because they are Apple? Is that right? Surely not.

I’ll admit to the world that I do own one Apple product, an iPad Air thingamabob. Lets review the purchase: Is the iPad nice and tactile and feels premium? Yes tick. Does it have a lovely display? Yes tick. Is it the best tablet product out there in the market at the moment….? Yes… and that, ladies and gentlemen is the only reason I bought it. If it was a LG or Samsung or Google variant that was better for cheaper, then I can say I would have bought it.

So what can I do to convince Apple lovers that they are being cheated? What can I say to show that Apple aficionados they are being duped? Well it seems I don’t need to do anything, Apple are doing it all by themselves. In July it was reported that Apple profits were down 27% for iPhone sales. Apple also predicted that sales would fall in their next quarter. Is the shine starting to dull and the façade starting to flake and peel on the Apple brand? Can chief executive Tim Cook stop Apple’s core going rotten?

I hope not.

It’s not good for anyone company to have it so good for so long. Are Apple getting fat & lazy from all their laurel resting. Look at Microsoft. A series of duff windows releases wiped millions from their stock price consigning them to the wilderness for ten years, but we can now see a re-emergence of the once mighty tech giant.

However it’s an easy bet to buy Apple. You really don’t need to agonise over manufacturer specs or do any due diligence at all. Just walk into that clinical Apple Store, grab the attention of one of the knowledgeable sales assistance and order your new baby, because you know you’re worth it, even thou the device isn’t.

...see if I care.

Last updated on: 24 Jan 2017 10:36 AM

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